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Seneca High School Scholarship

Each year the Seneca Port District awards a $5,000 scholarship to four Seneca High School graduating Seniors who are attending a community college.  The scholarship is disbursed over 4 semesters, in the amount of $1,250


The scholarship program of the Seneca Regional Port District was established to assist students who have the ability and desire to receive an education beyond high school at an institution accredited by the proper state authorities. The program is expressly intended for those planning to attend Joliet Junior College or Illinois Valley Community College.

General Requirements and Eligibility:

  1. Applicant must be a senior at Seneca Township High School at the time of application and must graduate at the close of the current school year.
  2. Applicant must complete application and submit to the SHS guidance office.
  3. Applicant must meet the academic standards of the school he/she wishes to attend.
  4. Applicant must have demonstrated good citizenship.

Personal Qualifications:

  1. Applicant must have a good record of school and community citizenship.
  2. Applicant must show personal responsibility.
  3. Applicant must have demonstrated the desire to pursue an education after high school.

Basis of Selection:

Awards will be made on the basis of personal need and academic qualifications as outlined above with consideration given to the desire to continue education, the ability to succeed, career to be pursued and the purpose for which the scholarship will be used. The decision of the committee composed of members of the Education and Scholarship Committee will be final.

Extent of award:

The scholarship award will be $1,250.00 per semester for a maximum of 4 semesters. To qualify for the second and subsequent semesters of the aware, applicant must submit to the Education and Scholarship Committee evidence of satisfactory completion of the previous semester of school attended and show a passing GPA.

A check for the amount of each award will be mailed to the Registrar or bursar of the selected college after receipt of evidence of enrollment.

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